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  글쓴이 : DNAVI     날짜 : 16-04-19 15:25     조회 : 494    
  트랙백 주소 :
1) used for stating where someone or something is
1a) in a particular place
1b) used for saying where you stop on a journey
1c) sitting or standing close to something, especially in order to do something
1d) in a particular part of a process, activity, programme, or book

2) used for stating what someone is doing
2a)used for saying that someone is doing something or taking part in an activity somewhere
2b) used for stating what state or situation someone or something is in at rest/war/peace etc

3) used stating when something happens
3a) used for stating the exact time when something happens
3b) used for saying when a particular situation exists
3c) during a particular period
3d) when someone is a particular age

4) used for stating what makes someone react in a particular way

5) used for showing the level of prices, temperatures, speeds etc

6) used for stating the direction in which you look, point, or aim something

7) used for stating what someone is trying to catch, hold or hit

8) used for showing that you repeat an action many times with small movements but without doing it completely

9) used for stating the activity or subject that someone is skilful or not skilful in

10) used for stating the phone number where someone can be reached. The British word is on